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Description: Arcade racing, at its finest?
Tags: Trackmania Racing Sunrise

Ureview by: SOAP
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Reviewed On: Saturday July 22, 2006
Price paid: $29.99 | Rating: 9  | Recommends product: Yes

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Trackmania Sunrise

A not so well known racing game due to lack of media, and advertising.. likes its older brother Trackmania, its one of those games you MIGHT find in a store, and if you do, itll be the only copy.

Graphics 9/10

Well. Basicly, its one of the nicest looking racers in a loooong time. Sure Need For Speed Underground 1/2 look great, suuure forza just looks pretty in high def, but its all so, i dunno, boring.. Same old streets, same old best buy buildings and advertisement signs.. gets old and quick.. but Trackmania? Has none of that, its just pretty, without the bullshit..

Controls 9/10

Well, not sure how many of you guys have tried to play a racing game with a keyboard, yeah, sucks.. BUT theres hope.. I personally have wired up 1 of my xbox controllers to usb so yeah, joypad that dont suck..

With a gamepad, the controls are dead on for the most part for what an arcade racing game should feel like, at least in my opinion.. You push left, you turn left, you push the gas, you go.. pretty basic..

Sound 8/10

Being a bit nice with the 8/10 lemme explain..

The car sounds, great. The skid sounds, Ok. The crash and landing impact sounds, Good. The music, Meh..

The music in this game, well, its so totally random that its hard to even like.. theres a few bands on here, that are decent, and the techno stuff isnt bad. but they added some retardedly slow hip hop wannabe stuff that just makes you want to murder yourself with a coathanger or something.. BUT the plus side, you can kill the ingame music and load up winamp.. hense the 8/10

Gameplay/Funfactor 9/10

Single Player, Just owns.. theres puzzle tracks, platform mode, just TOOOOONS of things to do.. and when you think you mastered it all, jump online and play against some people on some pretty hardcore user made maps.. and lets not forget the track editor, the skin editor, and all the other crazy things this game has..

Overall Score 9/10
Soap Approved Goodness

Without a doubt, the BEST arcade racer there is out there. With the litterally 1000s if maps that have been made and 100s of parts to use to make maps, theres just so much content your head would cave in trying to comprehend it..


Pros: Cheap, Fun, Pretty
Cons: Online Community Slightly Dead, Starforce Protection


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